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Smalto Dental Clinic

The new Smalto clinic

Clean, soothing, playful, professional, advanced, innovative, pioneering; the new Smalto Dental Clinic is the one health-related place you want to be in! It was designed as an example of unique quality architecture, and is built on a truly unique location, between Strovolos Avenue and the Pediaios river linear park. Its privileged location within this rare urban green haven, coupled with the Smalto Team’s vision and determination have led to a project of both functional and aesthetic excellence. The open layout allows for the maximum view of the surrounding greenery, a delightful view of Nicosia from above and of the mountain tops in the distant horizon. Optimally ventilated, well shaded yet bathed in natural sunlight, the entire space delights the senses in a playful game of movement and communication within the building itself, and between the building and the surrounding environment. 

Relax: enjoy our music

Our patients know that we love art and music as much as we love our work! So, we have put together a selection of music which we hope you will enjoy. While you wait for your appointment, try relaxing by listening to the Smalto music. Also, feel free to ask your dentist to put music of your choice!

Hygiene, safety and privacy at Smalto clinic

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident” - US Occupation Safety and Health Administration


Our patient-centred philosophy and insistence on doing things right means we put the patient’s safety at the top of our priority list.


With concern for your health and safety, and in accordance with accepted practices:

  • We have an infection control program in place which includes the cleaning and sterilisation of reusable dental instruments and devices
  • We are equipped to respond to medical emergencies involving both patients and employees with comprehensive fist aid kits
  • We ensure the correct segregation, storage and disposal of waste is carried out, minimising the release of hazardous wastes into the environment
  • We adhere to all ISO Dentistry Standards
  • We are committed to protecting your privacy, treating all communications and records pertaining to your care as confidential.