Teeth Whitening

“Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond” - Miguel de Cervantes


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple modern procedure that lightens the colour of your teeth and helps remove stubborn stains and discolourations,is a technique that allows us to give to our patients whiter teeth. We are not only content with healthy and functional teeth, but we can also offer patients a bright, beautiful, white smile.


Is tooth whitening dangerous for healthy teeth?

Dental bleaching does not cause any harm to your teeth if you follow the safety instructions and do not over use the products. For no reason should you use bleaching materials without consulting your dentist first. 


Are there any prerequisites to tooth whitening?

There are prerequisites to tooth whitening. Your dentist must first examine your teeth and oral cavity to assess your needs. You must have had a tooth cleaning recently and your teeth should not have any cavities or gum disease. Your dentist will also advise you on what technique is best for you.


How does tooth whitening work?

Dental bleaching is a process by which the dentinal tubules which are filled with saliva and stains are emptied out giving the tooth a brighter appearance. The inorganic mineral structure remains completely intact and healthy. In modern dentistry there are several tooth whitening techniques. Also, there are different bleaching materials allowing the dentist to use specialized products according to the client's problem.




1. Tooth Whitening in the dental office (Fast Bleaching)

The In-Office Whitening System is a procedure, which offers immediate results. This option is suitable for patients who need immediate drastic results or for the busy individual. 

This tooth whitening technique is a chairside procedure meaning it is performed in the dental office exclusively by the dentist and takes about one and a half hour. This technique offers a quick result as it requires only one appointment and the patient walks out with a bright white smile. In our clinic we use the ZOOM system which is a world renowned office bleaching technique with excellent results.


2. Tooth Whitening at Home (Home Bleaching)

Home bleaching is a tooth whitening technique which is done by the patient at home with a special set of whitening splints. This process involves the self-application of a professional-grade gel at home. At first the dentist will take impressions to create customized trays/splints. In a second appointment, and having constructed the splints, the dentist will check the fit of the splint in your mouth and give you the bleaching material. You will place the material in the whitening splints as instructed by your dentist and then wear it 3-4 hours every day (eg. during your night sleep) for 2-3 weeks. It is important that the bleach material doesn't overflow and come into contact with your gums so be cautious of the amount you put into the whitening splints. This option is also recommended for maintenance of the ZOOM bleaching results.



3. Combination of whitening in the dental office and at home (Combination - Deep Bleaching)

This technique combines the positive aspects of the above two techniques. At first the dentist will take impressions to create personalized whitening splints. In the second appointment she will apply the whitening product in the clinic and will give you the splints and whitening material for the home whitening technique. In this manner you can continue to bleach at home and maintain the bleaching result for longer.


How long does the effect of bleaching last for?

We cannot give an accurate prediction to this question because the result depends on many factors. First, it depends on why your teeth became darker. Secondly it depends on quite a few of your habits such as smoking and eating habits. Consumption of foods and drinks that contain elevated pigments such as coffee, red wine and black tea adversely affects the maintenance of the result. Thirdly, it depends on your oral hygiene. Nonetheless the effect can last more than 3-5 years taking into consideration the above aggravating factors. 


Before treatment (photo)


After bleaching with ZOOM bleaching method (photo)


Non-vital teeth bleaching

Non-vital teeth sometimes become discoloured due to trauma or root canal procedures. In this cases, internal bleaching is indicated to restore the natural appearance of the tooth. We usually use the so-called "walking bleach method”, which gives excellent results. This method is a combination of chair-side dental work and home self-application of bleaching material.


Before treatment (photo)


After  internal bleaching for non-vital tooth (photo)