Why Professional Teeth Cleaning is Essential

Wed, 03/24/2021 - 15:14 / By elias


Gum disease is often caused by the accumulation of bacterial plaque. Daily brushing twice a day along with daily flossing helps to remove it.

But no matter how well you brush your teeth, there are always spots that are difficult to clean. Bacterial plaque can accumulate there, which gradually turns into a hard substance called tartar or calculus and cannot be removed by brushing alone.



If tartar is not removed along with the gradual accumulation of more plaque below the gum line, it can lead to gum disease. To reduce the risk of gum disease and to clean your teeth properly, it’s  recommended to get your teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months.

At Smalto Dental Clinic, a preventive appointment for dental cleaning can take 30 to 40 minutes and includes the removal of dental plaque and tartar, teeth polishing as well as examination and counselling according to thepatient's needs.



When cleaning your teeth, your dentist will first remove plaque and tartar, even from the most inaccessible spots. Then, she/he will polish your teeth so that the surface becomes really smooth. Teeth polishing removes stains, leaving your teeth shiny and giving you a beautiful smile. But apart from the aesthetic effect, teeth polishing removes small imperfections and irregularities from the surface of your teeth and prevents plaque from accumulating further.

To wrap things up, your dentist will examine and advise you based on your personal needs. It is important to remember that professional teeth cleaning should be done in addition to good daily oral health care and not replace it.

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