Smile Makeover in Nicosia

A smile makeover is an intimate, highly personalized process. Our set of teeth, just like all of our physical features, is unique to us. Teeth have a particular texture and character that distinguishes them from another person’s teeth. They are not monochromatic, but rather consist of a whole spectrum of colours. Good dental work, much like good art, should strive to imitate this natural look, taking into account the patient’s physical characteristics as well as his/her aspirations and desires.

And yet, the images that dominate the Internet today are of teeth that are whiter than snow. Dental clinics the world over, are posting pictures of what seem to be pitch-perfect Hollywood smiles. Before you get dazzled by all the artificial uniform smiles in most galleries, here is a quick guide on what you should be observing, when looking at dental work pictures.

Before And After Gallery