Teeth: First Aid For Emergencies At Home-Part A

As we all know, there plenty of emergencies or accidents that can happen, especially when it comes to children. That’s why we have prepared a list of how you should react to each of them until you go to the dentist. Toothache The most common causes of toothache are inflammation of the nerve or its […]

Teeth: First Aid For Emergencies At Home-Part B

In this article you can read the continuation of Part A about the emergencies or accidents that can happen and how you should react to each of them until you go to the dentist. Tooth And Gum Sensitivity If you experience teeth or gum sensitivity, you should visit your dentist so as to determine the […]

Bad Breath: Causes and Solutions

A pleasant breath is essential not only because it is directly related to oral hygiene, but also because it can help make a good first impression, creating an enjoyable atmosphere in our communication with others. Sometimes, however, our breathing is not as pleasant as we or those around us would ideally like. So, let’s look […]

Headaches as a cause of TMJ disorder

Can a severe ear pain not be due to otitis? Or what seems like an unbearable toothache not be due to a damaged tooth? And are there any types of headaches that start outside the head? Although it may seem unlikely, the answer to all the above questions is yes! More specifically, facial pains (pains around […]

Smalto Dental Clinic-All Dental Services Under One Roof

There are many benefits to choosing a practice that provides full-service dentistry, including the following: ·       It’s more convenient to go to one place every time you need dental care. Especially, a family dental clinic that can meet all your family’s dental care needs. ·       All your dental records will be on file without shuffling documents between […]

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted And Why

Almost all of us have suffered from the eruption of our wisdom teeth at some point in our lives, others less and others more. Wisdom teeth are the third molars, the last teeth that usually appear after puberty at the back of the mouth. Very often, due to lack of space on the jaw, wisdom […]

Digital Panoramic X-rays For Teeth

Dental x-rays (radiographs) are images of the teeth and bones in the mouth. They are an important part of your dental care, as they are the safest and most effective way to diagnose and detect problems and diseases that cannot be observed with the naked eye. Dental X-rays, together with an oral examination, allow your […]

Dental Implants

Whether we realize it or not, our self-confidence and how we feel about ourselves is greatly influenced by our appearance and especially by our smile. At SMALTO dental clinic, with our extensive experience, the modern dentistry that we practice and the help of dental implants, we can create the smile you desire and the feeling that only natural teeth can give! Dental implants […]

What Can Digital Smile Design Do For You

Whether we like it or not, our smile can often determine how we feel about ourselves. The search for beauty and the importance given to a beautiful smile is not new-it can be traced to the earliest civilizations. But unlike in earlier times, now we can transform your smile into the one you’ve been dreaming […]

Why Professional Teeth Cleaning is Essential

Gum disease is often caused by the accumulation of bacterial plaque. Daily brushing twice a day along with daily flossing helps to remove it. But no matter how well you brush your teeth, there are always spots that are difficult to clean. Bacterial plaque can accumulate there, which gradually turns into a hard substance called […]